16th September to 23rd September

16th September to 23rd September

Start of a new week with some changeable cooler weather moving in,only two lakes on the go this week and that is Jolly Pads and Simon’s Lakes. Jolly pads started of to a flyer with plenty of fish being landed straight away to 36lbs. Meanwhile on Simon’s it took a couple of days to settle in but with the introduction of beds of pellet and particle Andy was soon playing and landing some of the big boys and girls with 3 nice 40’s on the bounce to 49.14lb, although fishing was tough this week with up and down weather fronts all the guys plodded on and the fish slowly came in,Carl on Jolly Pads landed 26 fish to himself  out of 36 fish so well done on a great week guys.

JOLLY PADS…36.00lb mirror,18.04lb common,28.08lb common,23.07lb mirror,24.07lb mirror,27.08lb sturgeon,31.12lb mirror,27.12lb mirror,25.08lb mirror,17.08lb mirror,17.14lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,27.08lb sturgeon,24.00lb mirror,27.00lb common,21.00lb common,25.07lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,33.02lb mirror,27.08lb sturgeon,26.00lb mirror,18.00lb common,27.02lb mirror,22.03lb mirror,40.00lb grassy,13.00lb common,26.04lb mirror,15.08lb common,19.06lb mirror,17.06lb common,21.00lb mirror,31.02lb mirror,27.00lb mirror


















SIMON’S LAKE….21.10lb mirror,49.14lb mirror,40.01lb mirror,44.08lb mirror,38.08lb mirror,36.012lb mirror,22.00lb common

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