Places to Fish For Carp in France

Rainbow over Eden's Lake - Places to Fish for carp in France Our three sparkling lakes at Eden’s Lakes in the beautiful Limousin region are reputed to be one of the best places to fish for carp in France.

All three carp lakes are supplied with fresh water from nearby streams and underground springs, giving the fish a clean, healthy water supply and although different in size, each lake is carefully managed to suit anglers of any age, skill and ability.

Simon’s LakeSimons Lake at Edens Lake – Beginners and Action

This lake is suitable for beginners and is the lake most suited for those who like action too. A five acre lake, Simon’s Lake it holds over 220 carp and Dene and his wife Karen offer a special Dad & Lads or Ladies & Lasses package for this lake.

Jolly Pad LakeJolly Pad Lake at Edens Lakes – Intermediate and Family Friendly

For anglers in the intermediate stages, the three acre is often preferred. Well stocked, it is home to some amazingly big fish, including 40 lb grass carp as well as ghost common carp, and koi. This lake is also great for families and group fishing.

North LakeNorth Lake at Edens Lake – Difficult, for sportsmen who love a challenge

The challenge and excitement crown at Eden’s Lakes belongs to North Lake. Catching the biggest fish here is very difficult and this lake is dubbed the specimen lake of Eden’s. Fish here average 30 lb at least and the standard of fish is impressive. Carp over 60lb have been caught in North Lake and we expect greater gains in weight throughout the season! So watch the space!

Edens Lake Location - Places to Fish For Carp in FranceWe’re easy to find

Located in the heart of France you’ll find our carping complex a doddle to find!

Whether you’re taking the Euro Tunnel or braving it on one of the 60 daily sailings of P & O Ferries directions can be found on our Find Us page. Safe travel guys!

As one of the best places to fish for carp in France facilities at Eden’s Lakes include:

Parking is available at designated lake side parking spots.

Dene and Karen offer fabulous food packages for breakfasts and evening meals.

Two fantastic boilies from sticky baits the krill & bloodworm can be purchased on site at our bait and tackle shop

Edens Lakes - Places to Fish For Carp in France

The beauty, tranquillity, and friendly services at Eden’s Lakes is a joy to all who stay making it one of the best places to fish for carp in France and the reason why anglers return year after year.

We’re already taking bookings for 2016 so if you’d like to experience the best place to fish for carp in France then hurry, head over to our availability page and net yourself a truly unforgettable fishing experience! For more information on the packages we offer then feel free to give us a call on +33 (0)5 55 82 80 63.


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