And another great week weather wise days are hot,sunny and everyone getting sunburnt but boy the nights were cold with ice forming,it was a funny week as all the lakes are taken but not much fishing lol,as the North lake has myself and Neil fishing ….neil having his family on this trip again after bringing a hoard of food supplies for edens again….thanks buddy…..then we have Matt and his family on Jolly pads,Matt is one of the owners that we have not seen for over 3+years so we have been in meetings  and catching up most days and early evenings hence not much fishing till the nights.But we did have another Matt and his son over Evan on simons lake ,i think Evan was busy playing most days with all the children and loved waiting for Josh everyday to get of the school bus so they could go and play b4 dinner,

so north lake as always a bit tricky to start but we managed to get a few fish with two lost,a couple of little babies for north lake standard but it happens with fish coming through and growing on but i did manage a lovely brace of 40’s one morning a 47.08 mirror and a new p/best common of 44.00lb so i was over the moon with that,neil also did well  to catch the other fish which also included a couple of fish to 47.08lb conor also came on for a couple of nights and also landed a cracking 46.08 ,so all in all some great fish but we haven’t found the A list as yet  so some surprises in store

29.12lb mirror, 33.12lb mirror,23.00lb mirror, 44.00lb mirror,47.08lb mirror,44.00lb common,47.08lb mirror,46.08lb mirror

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCMatt on jolly pads had some great sport for himself and also with his 3 young lads fish on the poles/whips with them and they were getting net fulls of tench roach and biggggg roach and tench too and also some smaller stamp carp,matt also caught some great carp when fishing  including a huge grassy just missing that 40lb mark unlucky matt

28.00lb mirror,39.10lb grassy,27.08lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,5.00lb common,24.08lb mirror,4.00lb mirror,6.00lb mirror,7.00lb common,24.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,24.00lb common,24.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror




SIMON’S LAKE Matt R fishing some great fish there again but not the numbers we hope the 30’s keep coming and i think simons has reached a new level but early days ,well done matt

36.00lb mirror,33.10lb mirror,31.04lb mirror,30.06lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,22.13lb mirror,20.lb mirror,26lb+ sturgeon,26lb+sturgeon,30.08lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,26.00lb sturgeon 34.08lb mirror,28.04lb mirror


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