As the title says this week was closed and was a chance to catch up on some jobs this week,with the added advantage of having my son Conor and his friend Florian from there fish farming college,I have them here doing a months work placement with me/us as part of there course work so its nice to have some extra hands for those odd jobs and learning about the fishery side of things plus the lake management  and upkeep of the lakes of course,plus they get a bit of fishing time in aswell lol work and play time !!.nice…its nice to rest the lakes a bit also and give them a big feed up after spawning next week the boys are having a bit of a go on the jolly pads and simons also whilst they are free and whilst we are doing some work on them.

Despite me having a bit of a busy week running around doing stuff like airport runs for karen and college runs for Adam for exams and then i had Josh to look after and the boys to cook for of course and the dreaded house work (god i sound like Karen pmsl) hahahaaaaa then having  hospital appointments  i lost out on 5 days fishing myself,damn……….But never mind as the boys and myself got out and did some great work whilst we could inbetween the rain and thunderstorms but also caught some nice fish conor 42.08lb mirror,40.00lb grassy and Florian 34.00lb mirror  upto friday morning when they packed up ,i managed to get out thursday night till saturday morning also and i was rewarded with a 42.00lb grassy which was most welcome.

so plenty of work going on for the next few weeks and all back to normal with the custumers now till september


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