What a start to Simon’s and Jolly pads lakes,shame about the North lake but that was free due to a last minute cancellation

As we welcomed old and new faces back to Edens for the first time this year the weather also turned out great and glorious for us all with lovely sunny days,great temps and light breezes,although the nights were still chilly

Simon’s lake  consisted with dads and lads this week with Max playing  grandpa the elder…..sorry max…and son Ben and his 10 year old son Jo Jo and we also had another Joe with his 9 year old son Billy.

The week started a little slow but picked up well with the youngsters both smashing their personal bests with  fish into the 30’s as did all the guys,the fish in simon’s really have come on well over the winter and hope that the growth rates continue,captures and a few pics below that the guys have gave me.

25.08lb mirror,24.04lb mirror,30.12lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,30.00lb common,27.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,29.00 mirror,34.05lb mirror,28.05lb sturgeon,32.00lb mirror,30.08lb sturgeon,35.08lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,26.04lb mirror,36.08lb mirror




Jolly pads had two great lads Mikkel and Casper all the way from Denmark and Edens regular Mark and his 9 year old son Joe and again some great fish and plenty of 30lb fish for them and personal bests,especially for young Joe ,it was also Casper’s first time at proper carp fishing and i must say he is a natural and the guidance he had from Mikkel was second to none,i need to re work there weights as its in kilos but will put below all captures and a few pics that i have from the guys .

well done to everybody and see you all again soon

22.08lb mirror,32.08lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,23.04lb mirror,5.00lb mirror,18.08lb mirror.23.00lb mirror,18.10lb common,31.00lb mirror,35.09lb grassy,22.01lb mirror,24.08lb mirror16.04lb mirror,17.03lb mirror,21.12lb common,33.00lb mirror,24.02lb common,22.00lbmirror,19.08lb common,27.08lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,19.08lb common,29.04lb mirror,20.12lb mirror,25.03lb common,20.12lb mirror,21.12lb mirror32.08lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,14.07lb mirror,23.07lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,23.08lb mirror,17.08lb mirror,15.06lb mirror,20.06lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,29.02lb mirror,31.04lb mirror,21.08lb common,19.03lb mirror

Joe 32.8


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