Here we are again after last years great event with Adam,this year many guest arrived on the friday so we could all have a bit of a social and the added bonus of being refreshed in the morning and being here ready to jump straight onto the lakes.

For some of the guests which had been last year it was like deja- vu with the non stop hammering,torrential rain,but we were not going to let it get the spirits get us down,so dinner for some of the early arrivals and beers and wine then flowed and then more beer and wine for the later ones,and the introductions, fun and tales began.

Saturday morning came and the rain had eased,well it was a window let’s say no grass cutting today,so quick breakfasts and tours of the lakes and the rest of the day was for the guys and setting up/baiting ect.

Simons and jolly pads was in my O/P going to be a bit tricky this week due to the spawning that had been taking place then the sudden changes in weather,but the lads started to see sign of fish and nick the odd fish out,and also the north lake producing yet another NEW FIFTY for us in the shape of a 51.06lb the Ian B ,we have had such a good run recently of new 50’s infact every week so far and no repeat captures as yet and some weeks Edens has produced 2-3x 50’s a week SO WHAT A START TO THE WEEK.

on the sunday it was our son Conor’s 18th so myself and Karen laid on a bit of a spread and we had a great gathering for a good few hrs


Just one of our commons from the north lake that conor caught we had made in England by a top firm and arranged and bought over by our good friends and Edens regulars Colin and Noelle and must not forget little megan xxxx,so it was a great surprise for all of us when it arrived,thankyou all -x- made a wonderful day

So back to normal a few fish were still ticking on the complex but was hard going with still changeable weather,The rig clinic was very interesting on monday after breakfast infact i don’t think anyone really wanted it to stop as it was so enjoyable from hook sharpening to the amount of different rigs that were made

10391030_488376174597712_685473687137537427_n10157245_487835801318416_8602628133860002235_nSONY DSC1507124_295795697256595_1585040192266630563_nWELL WELL WELL AS YOU CAN SEE THE ONE ONE SESSIONS AROUND THE LAKESIDE when i was not present can only be left to ones imagination,

On another note normally and i quote normally Adam would be walking around spending time with each angler not playing with there sausage lol ,and helping with feature finding,casting,feeling the lead down,marker/spombing/extra rig clinc, zig fishing  baiting situations,basically all aspex that the client needs help with.JOB DONE BELOW WITH COLIN


we have also had a couple of great slide shows this week on cassien,wraybury and kingsmeadSONY DSC

So regards the fishing it was picking up day by day as was the weather,wish we had a few more days as im sure it would of just kept climbing for the lads,but im still happy as we have had another two 50s as Adam himself landed a fish known as the box fish at 55.12lb

51.06lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,47.12lb mirror,44.00lb mirror,43.08lb common,38.04lb common37.08lb mirror,44.08lb grassy,43.06lb grassy,41.12lb grassy,46.00lb mirror,43.04lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,42.08lb mirror,37.04lb mirror,38.12lb common,55.12lb mirror

25.04lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,20.01lb mirror,25.12lb mirror,19.05lb mirror,24.07lb mirror,39.06lb mirror,17.04lb mirror,31.00lb grassy,

31.00lb mirror,27.00lb sturgeon,27.00lb mirror,31.02lb mirror,35.12lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,27.12lb mirror,29.00lb mirror,36.00lb mirror




51.06lb above to Ian




i will add a few pics to complete this review  as im waiting for a few photos to come in

so come the end of another tutorial the rain dampened it a bit boom boom hahahaa but overall a good fun filled week again with Adam and all the guys and girls and we all made the best of it,looking forward to august now for the next one and again a lot of new faces and a few old ones too

So to finish off,if anyone out there fancies a French trip with that little bit extra at not a lot more cost then why don’t you have a look at the Edenslakes tutorials that we run especially with Adam.


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