10th June to 17th and 24th June to 1st July with fish to 63.04lb

10th June to 17th and 24th June to 1st July with fish to 63.04lb

Will start with the week of the 10th of June,the conditions for this week were very hot and the fishing was very very slow with the soaring temps,Not many fish were gracing the bank and what few did were some decent fish,but with runs hard to come by it was gutting for the anglers when chances were missed and dropped fish too,But well done to all the guys for sticking to it and getting on with the fishing and fish were caught to 50lb on Jolly pads, 40lb+from the north lake and 31.12lb from Simon’s lake

24TH JUNE TO 1ST JULY …….And what a week !

What a change in the weather for us all now with some massive storms and some very destructive hailstones before the anglers arrived for this week and of course some very welcome rain which has made Eden’s much fresher and cooler than previous weeks.The first couple of days over the weekend were dry and warm and the change certainly excited the fish for a feed as both Jolly pads and the north lake started to produce fish almost straight away.We have Nichola on her first trip with Grant who has been to Eden’s many times on Jollies and then we have Mark and Nat who have been before with Neil who is also on his first visit to us.

The week turned a bit sour with some horrible rain move in and also a couple more storms but despite the rain the fishing just picked up for the anglers and both lakes were producing some awesome fish for all and personal bests were being broken. Nichola was showing Grant the way on Jolly Pads with her great skills landing several new p/bests for both Mirror and commons and even had Merve to keep here occupied but both of them were having some nice fish into the 30lb bracket,we also celebrated there birthdays this week so had a bit of a social evening on Grants 40th with a Chinese night.The North lake was also producing some great stamp of fish with a couple of nice 30’s and mainly 40’s with big 40’s but couldn’t get into the bigger fish “JUST YET”.On the last Day Friday the lakes were banging fish,Nichola on J/pads was breaking her p/bests Mirrors and commons yet again and the north lake had a big crazy spell with 7 runs and 5 fish landed which included 2x48lbs a 57lb+ p/best for Nat and a 63.04lb another p/best for Neil.So over all it was a fantastic week all round with great company all the guys and of course our lady angler Fished superb this week despite the horrible wet stuff,so thankyou to you all and see you all again soon -x-

NORTH LAKE….31.08lb mirror,36.08lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,45.00lb mirror,49.00lb mirror,41.04lb common,39.00lb mirror,42.00lb common,48.03lb common,40.04lb mirror,42.00lb common,47.02lb mirror,48.09lb mirror,28.08lb mirror,48.08lb mirror,57.00lb mirror,63.04lb mirror.

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JOLLY PADS….31.08lb sturgeon,20.03lb koi,32.10lb mirror,18.10lb common,32.04lb mirror,32.06lb sturgeon,29.04lb mirror,13.5lb mirror,24.00lb common,18.06lb common,19.10lb mirror,18.02lb mirror,30.08lb common,22.10lb mirror,15.00lb common, 8.00lb mirror,32.04lb sturgeon,4lb tench,31.06lb mirror,26.02lb common,36.08lb mirror,27.07lb common,25.09lb common,29.10lb common

19437524_1393315444037238_4129076620447177762_n 19510143_1393315387370577_3969111220238549880_n 19510544_1395908423777940_7402740650660662856_n 19511586_1393315497370566_4534411467902364873_n 19511588_1395908467111269_7812452475364786100_n 19554067_1395908337111282_4685395381048782446_n 19554487_1395908357111280_1392975970393198796_n 19554796_1393315370703912_5697603762545484569_n 19601255_1396727370362712_3762817842209095689_n 19601424_1396727413696041_397533236351449551_n

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