Following the the last week of being very hot Saturday started off very wet indeed with thunderstorms then heavy showers on and off.Waiting for arrivals on Jolly pads and Simon’s lakes and being lucky the North Lake was free this week My son Conor had a week off of work and asked if he could come over to fish it and of course I said yes and I would also fish on and off with him but mainly in the evenings till breakfast time, We have not fished together for 19 months or so and don’t see much of each other due to our jobs ect so what a chance to have to catch up.After all the arrivals got here which was late in the day we didn’t really get the rods out until dark so thought we would do them properly on Sunday and get things marked up to our spots,well things started to happen for David and 10 year old Jack and David senior on Jollies with a nice koi and the famous Merv and a nice grassy too .It took till monday night early hrs of tuesday morning for us to start getting some action on the North Lake with the grassy kid landing his first fish which was a great 47.00lb grassy I then had a huge fish on for 1/2 hr or so and the the worst happened I was against the stump/pole and my own fault just gave that fish a little bit to much pressure and i pulled the hook,damn after all the advice I give peeps every week…. Silly boy !!!!! I went for a walk in the dark really angry at myself, but anyway got over it ,new rig and rod back out and was rewarded at first light with a very welcome 50.08lb mirror.Also Alan on Simon’s lake had himself a couple of nice fish to 43.12lb too.

As the next few days passed the fishing ticked by for most of us on the lakes with fish being picked up here and there,myself and Conor started some work around the North lake cutting all the trees and bushes/hedges back which is a good job done out the way and of course I still had my other duties to look after during the days/early evenings and bait ect to cook.Most people had caught by Thursday but we had 1 guy Andy still struggling on Simon’s ┬ábut the fish were there but the only advice was to stick with it it will come and of course it did for him with 3 fish and new p/best to 43.04lb,Also we had a new lake Record by two ounces set by Mitch on Simon’s Lake of 53.02lb and yep another p/best aswell as his dad Trevor.Young jack had some great fishing on Jolly pads but the fishing slowed for them the second part of the week and myself and Conor finished strong also on the North Lake,especially as we were packing up on Saturday morning and Conor had a run on his left hand rod and was playing a lovely hard fighting fish for a long time and just as we were going to net it his next rod was very gentle little take but I struck and he was in again, but this is the North lake for you.Well after another impressive battle with a even larger fish Conor actually broke his p/best mirror twice with Big Eye Jack at 49.00lb and then with a fish called Ellie at 61.08lb which is also another new sixty for us on the complex so we are overjoyed too not just for Conor but for Eden’s.

Overall what a great week with some great guys on the lakes and some great fish caught,waiting for a few more pics that i didn’t get but here are a few below of our week.

North lake….47.00lb grassy,50.08lb mirror, 42.08lb grassy,44.00lb grassy,43.00lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,49.00lb mirror,61.08lb mirror

19075457_10209720887643745_494735587_n 18839292_10209684192966401_6449122746481111309_n SONY DSC 18921982_1374759119226204_3041319177936967252_n 19113031_10209720895723947_238419604_n SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


































Simons Lake….43.12lb mirror,35.06lb mirror,40.08lb mirror,30.08lb mirror,23.02lb mirror,32.02lb mirror,20.08lb mirror,30.15lb mirror,43.04lb mirror,23.12lb common,53.02lb mirror

SONY DSC simons 35.06 simons 40.08












Jolly Pads Lake …22.08lb koi,31.00lb sturgeon,32.00lb grassy,17.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,31.12lb mirror,27.00lb common,25.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror18950983_10154348447461511_8124211024665395457_n 19059331_10154348450706511_6870267186223663586_n


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